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Trying to stay awake in a boring class


Or at work everyday

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Tried crossfit 14.5 for the first time. I’m happy with my time and I’m excited to try it again. Definitely the challenge I needed! 
Can’t wait for that belly to shrink so I can be brave enough to take a front facing photo haha
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The day after an insane workout

Yup that was me last night
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Artist: 20 Fingers and Gillette

My friends and I would sing this song cause it was hilarious and my job would play it randomly.
This is the first impression my fiancé had of me: We met at a bar. Watched the band play. Went to the after party. I got drunk and I wanted to kiss him really bad. The next day he goes to my MySpace and this is the song I had on my profile. How embarrassing. Still together 6 years later, so idk how I redeemed myself.

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F yea dedlifts
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bowling alley carpet
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I’m bernadette of course
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My hero
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